Depression is not taken seriously at all, and when depressed the victim never really wants to


get out of it because he does not know he is depressed, so i am  gonna tell you the art of not being depressed.


Today I was at my regular coffee shop thinking about the episodes which pulled me down exactly one year back It was the 15th June 2016 and me and my mom were struggling with all the possible treatments to get my hearing back As I sip my coffee and play around with my keyboard…(typing) a chilling sensation still goes up through my spine. The feeling of being deaf will perhaps remain with me forever. Deaf is something scarier than the usual pikka boo which we play around with kids to scare the shit out of them.

Damn! It was scary. It was petrifying.

People ask me “how does it feel being deaf”?

And my answer to them is a silent smile, my lips touching my cheeks in relief! Thank god I can hear you… but deaf is being silent…in fact mute!! You don’t hear anything, no noise no voice…just you and your inner soul. The craziest thing we can ever imagine is that silence can be very noisy, what took me to my knees was the ringing sound which came along with deafness and it still remains with me. Luckily my hearing was back thanks to my doctor, my mom’s prayers and my god who heard me when I needed him the most. 18th June was when god swiftly acted on my prayers and gave me back my hearing. That’s when I actually realized the power of the universe. The universe will act according to you if you believe in it!

Eventually and of course miraculously I recovered from my sudden deafness and thought may be this tinnitus or ringing in the ears will go soon enough but I was wrong, I can still hear the ringing as I sip on my coffee and type!


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The first time I had noticed it I went nuts, it was crazy! A sound which can only be heard by the one who has it which is inside my skull 24*7, For days I had sleepless nights, for days I was awake, for days I thought I’m dead. This tinnitus is stubborn and a psychopath, if he loves you and grabs you it will never ever leave you!

I have been warning and making people aware of what Noise can do and how it can ruin your well being, Noise can do a potential damage to your hearing and you could get ringing in the ears if you stand for just 15 mins in a club. When I first noticed it, my anxiety and stress levels shot up to an extent where I had thought of stopping my life then and there. The brain tries to cope up with that damage and in return the cells misfire leading in tinnitus., A tinnitus sufferer will  try to do everything possible to get that golden silence, I remember sleeping in the bathroom with the tap on for hours, when finally my mom woke up.


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When anxiety shoots up the stress levels also increases and more added stress leads to depression.

That’s why I ended up writing on a not so seriously taken topic – Depression. I was depressed. This line sounds funny to people and they don’t really take it seriously.

Depression is a serious illness and people just use the word depression as simple as an adjective, they fail to get a movie ticket and they say they are depressed cause they couldn’t get it. Sad and depression sounds same though there is a huge difference.

Depression and sadness have a thin line in between but this thin line is far thicker as you start understanding the terms in a better way.

The actually meaning of depression is A brain disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Depression is much more scarier than it sounds, you just don’t feel like doing anything, you sit home and do nothing and all you add up is stress and more stress!

Unknowingly many people around us are actually depressed and if help is given on time they can come out of depression with ease. But the sad part is no one really talks about it, and the victim will never know if its depression.


The early signs could be lost in interest, the person does not feel like doing anything at all, not even eating, he/she starts loving his own company and doesn’t really care about anything.

Depression is when you don’t really care about anything and anxiety is when you care too much about everything.

The famous proverb – “A stitch in time saves nine” is so true in regards to helping someone who is depressed. Just that the signs and symptoms should be taken seriously.

When I was depressed I could not sleep at all, with sleepless nights came panic attacks ..thoughts like sudden hearing loss happening again, road accidents, vision problems, basically you are so scared you keep thinking about negative things all the time.

I remember waking up at 2 am out of panic attacks and being wide awake the whole night. Due to consistent panic attacks I started becoming more restless. The restlessness was unbearable… and that day I decided to take a walk at that very moment. I remember It was pouring and I had my hoodie on, I used to cry and walk the whole pathway in the odd hours. There wasn’t a single sight of any living being on the roads. My depression was so dominant that I never cared if I would be robbed, I would be killed, bitten by a dog no thoughts about my life about my family… nothing!  All I cared was about that sound and my miserable condition.

The most important part of coming out of depression is the will of killing it be it knowingly or unknowingly 🙂

The funny part is that I kept thinking I was walking alone depressed, but in reality, I was indirectly exercising, walking being the simplest form of exercising. Exercise tells our brain to release certain neurotransmitters which suppress stress and fight depression. Indirectly my late-night walks were actually helping me fight depression. As days went by I started to get up late and finally I started to sleep.

how to not be depressed

I want to tell my readers that first thing you do for someone or for yourself is push yourself towards the opposite direction – the non-comfort zone, it will be extremely difficult and painful but the end results will be rewarding for sure.

Second thing is talk about it, tell your close ones that you are in pain and you are sad about something. Talking to friends and family will make them understand your condition. May be they can help you deal with it in a better way. Keeping it to yourself will make the depression more worst. If needed consult a psychiatrist and never be ashamed of it. It’s for your own betterment.

Start doing what you love. Could be painting, singing in the bathroom or anything. It will help you love yourself. Join a community of people going through the same problem. Loving your own self is the art of not being depressed.

And last but not the least the biggest medicine is time, never give up!

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