A rupee note on the floor like a trash…

I thought it must be a prank.

Didn’t have the nerve to pick it up…

Until a passerby handed over to me thinking it was mine 


 I am one anonymous girl trying to solve the money mystery. Sadly, I have zero balance in my bank account today and my Paytm wallet is as low as Rs.10. I definitely feel that I am worth nothing. Obviously, I am low with confidence, self regard and most importantly assets! So what defines my identity, my profession, my family or my dog?? Noooo; wait it can’t get worst than this. I have to stop thinking 🙁 Walking down the busy colony street, me the very non observant tried to observe people around. May be I was trying to find some relief in other’s life.

What first caught my attention was the crowd around me and their expressions. A happy couple, a sad dog or rather a hungry dog, another old couple who walked like strangers, a group of friends who were happy flaunting their bikes and their luxury life style, an extremely sad middle age man trying to sell mangoes on the footpath and one super rich guy speeding his SUV. Passing by the mango seller my mind gave me a jerk. Why he must be sitting here late at night, was his sale so bad today that he has to wait more to reach his daily target? I obviously couldn’t buy mangoes from him. I felt more helpless for the fact that I don’t have any money and he was in need. I couldn’t help him sell his mangoes because I myself got broke. Searching for a solution to this my thoughts entangled more and I kept walking with a much lower poise. If I were in a state to buy some mangoes from him then maybe he would have gone home happily. If someone would have hired me then maybe I would have happily helped this man today and return home with utmost satisfaction.

With sympathy came logic… this pattern looked like a relay of passing money to each other. Everybody whom I observed was technically connected through money. The rich guy was happy speeding his SUV because of this high affordability for the brand value. The company who made his car must have been an employer to so many. And may be out of those so many people, someone much able, would be a buyer to a roadside seller or hawker. It’s a circle that keeps going for each one of us to survive.

My maid gets her employment because my mother earns and is capable of paying her wages. The maid earns to pay her groceries and so does the grocery seller to pay the farmers.

Therefore is it the money chain that connects us the most?! I think yes, it does. We work hard not only for us but for others as well. The more competent you are financially the more opportunities you create for others also.

Your good market value defines your ability to demand and to build an opportunity for others as well, to earn their living. We work so that the money chain keeps going. If you stop… you might be stopping yourself to be useful to someone who can earn through you. We casually make statement that “everybody is running after money”. Indeed, they are…because they know the cost of living and they know if they survive only then YOU will survive!

Clearly, money defines money… but what defines you is your capability to earn for yourself and for others too.


– By Pooja Kudia (Editorial Chief)

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