Well it’s been a year…after I, “The guy who lost his hearing” got his hearing back. Thanks to the almighty!

After this significant life changing experience I started studying a lot about ear issues and auditory problems.  What I came across is that people have so many misconceptions about ear issues and so many ancestral beliefs that might have serious side effects in long run. I also understand we are no medical professionals and its okay if you fail to understand a few terms about ear issues. Hence trying to keep this blog as simple as possible.

I can write in detail but the write up will go up to pages and you might get bored of reading it 😉

I am infamously called as half doctor because of the knowledge that I have gathered since a year about ear issues and hence I can definitely tell you the basics of ear health. My hearing loss always pushed me to study more about human ear and how it functions.  This gave me an urge to enlighten you as well as regards to the disbelief about the very important organ“Our ears”.

A few major myths of the ear health that could make your ear problems worse are mentioned below.


1. Hearing loss happens only in the old age –

This is one of the most prevalent myths I came across! Well the biggest example is my hearing loss but apart from that people or rather “young ”people who are more into listening to loud music or work in noisy environment without ear plugs have huge risks of suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss can happen to anyone, anyhow, anytime!  Just be more cautious and take the necessary precautions under medical supervision.


Myths of ear health theaudiblehomosapien.in

2. Ear wax is unhygienic –

For some reason I have seen people buying ear swaps and poking those ear canals deep inside to get rid of ear wax and making your ears look super clean!

Well as a matter of fact, nothing is more risky than putting any foreign object into the ears. It is not needed, our ears can clean themselves and the excess wax is pushed outside automatically. Also ear wax protects our ear from dusts and bacterial infections.  Doing it on your own might damage your ear drum due to the ear swap. Under medical conditions you can get the wax removed from your ENT center.

Myths of ear health theaudiblehomosapien.in


3. Oil lubricates your ears –

A hazardous way to invite trouble to your ears. Although this has been a debatable question since a long time, my doctor stated that its okay to put oil inside the ears as oil wont damage the ear but the dust that sticks in the ear because of the oil will definitely harm your ears. The pollution is dominating the air all the time and there is no way to hide your oily ears from the dust particles. This might lead to serious ear infections.

Myths of ear health theaudiblehomosapien.in

4.Cotton Balls protect your hearing –

The biggest myth buster is that cotton balls only protect your ears up to 2-5 decibels! Cotton balls won’t protect your hearing if you are in a loud environment.  I strongly recommend my readers to use good ear plugs which will surely save your ears.


Myths of ear health theaudiblehomosapien.in


5.Ear auto Heals –


It is true that our body’s mechanism is built to heal itself but unfortunately in case of hearing our ears don’t self heal! When the cells inside the ears die they do not come back. Mammals do not have the ability to get them back, so always protect your hearing! It is also true that ear cells do get damaged very easily. If damaged, studies show that your ears need 16 hours to heal itself but that’s again a rare possibility.

Myths of ear health theaudiblehomosapien.in

I have been reading and writing a lot about ear health because what I suffered my readers should never suffer the same due to lack of knowledge or negligence. These myths are common and they need to be busted. So that each one of us takes precautions in protecting their ears and help others do the same.

I care for your ears more than you do!

-Written  by Satyajeet Godbole

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Amrit Pal

Sir on 30th may 2017 fungus grew in my right ear and next day got checked from ent specialist. He cleaned my ear & filled it with balm type medicine. He told me to come after 1& half month. When I noticed that I was not hearing properly then I met him again after 10 day instead of 1& half month. Dr did not take it seriously. Then I went to an another specialist. This time I was feeling that I would fall on the ground while walking. I told this to the dr but he did not give me satisfactory reply. He also conducted audiometry which showed 80 percent loss of hearing in right ear. Left ear is normal. Sir please suggest me what should I do?


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