If you have tinnitus, remember you are not the ONLY One…..you got company 🙂


If you have read our previous blogs Noise – A Man made disease or the guy who lost is hearing, Then you must be aware of the term “Tinnitus”.

For the non readers here it is,

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a perception of noise in the ears. The suffer hears a constant buzzing, hissing or a whistling noise inside ears. Tinnitus is not a disease but symptom of an underlying condition such as an infection, hearing loss due to exposure to noise or a viral infection, ear injury or blood circulatory issues.

Although bothersome to many, this symptom is not at all dangerous though it can leave the suffer from distress, anxiety or even depression. Treating the underlying condition can reduce or end the problem so seeking help from a professional is very important. So, If you know anyone or if you have tinnitus remember you are not the only one, as stated before…you got company 🙂


Here is a list of top 5 celebrities with tinnitus :-

1) Gerard Butler 

Ya ! you read it right! The P.S I love You star already had tinnitus when he was young, he underwent an ear surgery to save his hearing, but he still suffers from tinnitus to this date.

tinnitus theaudiblehomosapien.in

2) Chris Martin 

The Poster boy of chart – Topping band “ColdPlay” acquired tinnitus as a result of playing loud music with his band, Loud music can damange your inner cells resulting in Tinnitus.
tinnitus theaudiblehomosapien.in

3) Steve Martin

The Pink Panther Star Steve Martin Developed Tinnitus on the sets of three amigos yet again due to sudden exposure to loud noise.
steve matrin with tinnitus theaudiblehomosapien.in

4) Ozzy Osbourne

Once a rock sensation and a lead vocalist of heavy metal band Black Sabbath developed Tinnitus due to all the heavy head banging done in his career, not only that he is left somewhat deaf. he recalls it as a WHEE! inside his ears 24*7 !
ozzy Osbourne with tinnitus theaudiblehomosapien.in

5) Whoopi Goldberg 

Whoopi Goldberg believes that the cause of her hearing loss was due to the fact that she used to listen to very loud music for many years. She now wears hearing aids in both ears.


tinnitus theaudiblehomosapien.in


So, what so ever the reason, Tinnitus can happen to anyone, anyhow!

Tinnitus can be prevented many a times, the simplest form of prevention is not getting exposed to loud noises and by wearing ear plugs.

In our Blog Noise- A man made disease We have stated all the possible ways to protect your hearing.


-Written  by Satyajeet Godbole





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